New Calendarix Advanced 1.8.20081228
New Calendarix Advanced version 1.8.20081228 is available! This new version has new exciting features that includes RSS publishing of calendar events, integration of external RSS channels, support for international time zone and more...

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New Calendarix Basic version 0.8.20080808
A new Calendarix Basic version 0.8.20080808 is available that integrates RSS feeds from channels or Calendarix Advanced calendars into the month view.

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Advanced Version Updates

You can download a copy of Calendarix Advanced here. Try it and see that it works for you before purchasing it for use. Only English language is fully supported.

Upgrade scripts from basic version 0.6.x, 0.7.x and 0.8.x to the latest Advanced version is available but can only be obtained on request upon purchase. 

Download Latest Calendarix Advanced: 1.8.20081228   (trial version with some scripts omitted)
Full version will be sent to licensed users separately.

To use the calendar with FCKeditor, download the FCKeditor version 2.4.3 that has been configured for Calendarix Advanced here. Just extract the FCKeditor directory to be below the calendar directory to use it.

Some of the features disabled for the trial version are:

- Display Settings
- User creation and editing
- Calendar Reminders
- Export of events to vCal/iCal

Version Changes

- New feature variable "ini_set" for sending emails, required for some sites.
- New feature to view event details through year calendar view.
- New feature to have RSS management page in Admin Calendar.
- New feature to have RSS Channels for calendar in Month, Week and Day views.
- New feature of RSS Channels page in calendar.
- New feature to have auto-inclusion of RSS publishing for calendar.
- New feature having day range for RSS publishing of calendar or channel subscription.
- New feature to have customizable week view to display in 3 styles.
- New feature of two-column display week view.
- New feature to have warning in adding repeat events that have timing conflicts.
- New feature to configure width of Calendar Name and Company Name headers.
- New feature to configure width of footer area.
- No longer require another click to close window after adding event.
- Converted server time offset to time-zone setting, supporting time-zone in events.
- Calendar time-zone used for event reminders.
- Particular IE7 fixes and security vulnerability fixes.


To upgrade from version 1.7.20070707, run the upgrade script upgrade_to_1_8_20081228.php only once and replace all the scripts and update the file. If your version is not 1.7.20070707, please upgrade your version in steps, from one version to the next using the upgrade scripts available.

Please read the instructions in Upgrade.txt and follow accordingly.

Patch for 1.8.20081228

This patch for 1.8.20081228 addresses the following bugs that have been reported:

1) Missing Admin menu in Admin Calendar when using Firefox 3.5.
2) Failure to add repeated yearly event in the Admin Calendar.
3) Failure to add events requiring approval.

Download this patch and replace the files in its respective Calendarix directories to apply the fixes.

Once your version have been patched, you would see "1.8.20081228a" for the version when you mouseover the Calendarix logo.

Previous Versions

1.7.20070707   (trial version with some scripts omitted)

- New feature to have "Loading" window when page is loading.
- New feature to set file export to vcal/ical in General Settings.
- New feature to search into location of events as well.
- New feature to have scope in adding events in User Calendar, allowing each user to have private and public events.
- New feature to be able to export all historical events.
- New feature to administer location list in Admin Calendar.
- New feature to provide background color for events to better distinguish categories.
- New feature to use OverLib to provide easy categories filtering.
- New feature to use OverLib to view categories legend and directly accessing the categories page.
- New menu bar to administer Admin Calendar.
- View of events in sub-categories no longer restricted to next level, thus allowing complete view of all events from top category.
- Modified week count to be adherent to ISO 8601.
- Defects and vulnerability fixes.

Security Vulnerability Patch for versions 1.6.20060126 to 1.7.20061228

A security vulnerability has been discovered that may result in loss of calendar data for all versions of Calendarix Advanced. Please download the patch file, unzip it and replace the file secureadmin.php in the "admin" directory.

For those Advanced versions showing 1.7.20061228a, the version is already patched.

- New feature to check for list of taboo words in title and description.
- New feature allowing public view yet each user login to see only own events.
- New feature to send reminders for events.
- New advanced text editing feature with optional integrated FCKeditor.
- New feature to group repeated consecutive events to one RSS feed entry.
- New feature to create invitation/responses for events.
- New feature to export events as iCal entity.
- Bug fixes.

- New feature in allowing assignment of categories to users.
- New feature in using Dynarch dhtml calendar for selecting dates.
- Updated popup windows to be centralised.
- Updated RSS Feed to have more compliance and able to handle special characters.
- Fix sql-injection vulnerability reported.
- Bug fixes.

- New feature for calendar month print to include header and footer templates.
- New feature for mini-calendar to show events for only a specific user.
- Added search into optional Email and More Info field.
- Added new script to allow specifying locations from list.
- Added new RSS parser.
- Improved RSS feed.
- Able to use external login system.
- Fix all scripts to work in MySQL5.
- Bug fixes.

A bug has been found in the login script cal_login.php whereby, there may be occasions of being redirected to the login page after login. This problem happens for both the user and admin calendar. The fix is to comment/remove the line "session_regenerate_id();" in the cal_login.php file.

- New feature for each user to create own calendar theme for display.
- New listing of coming events view in user and admin calendar.
- New feature to export list of coming events.
- New feature to have default category view for each user login.
- New optional column view for weekly calendar.
- Added session timeout setting.
- Added category specification and number of days ahead view for RSS feed from calendar.
- Added listing of all categories in adding new events and category view filter.
- Added more delete options in admin calendar for repeated events.
- Upgraded overlib to version 4.21.
- Corrected week number count.
- Fixed sql-injection vulnerability for catview.
- Bug fixes.

A bug has been found in being unable to add certain repeated events in the Admin Calendar. A patch for the script is available here Simply replace the original script with this patch to fix the bug.

- Added checking of conflicting events for similar categories.
- Added sorting for viewing holidays.
- Added support for "https" protocol.
- Able to include more than one minical in same page.
- Able to embed login script in web page.
- Upgraded entire display format to style sheet.
- Upgraded overlib to version 4.14.
- New feature where each user can have personal theme for user calendar display.
- New feature of exporting display style sheet into a theme file.
- New feature to have unlimited levels of sub-categories.
- New feature to view calendar by each level.
- New feature of having RSS feed for calendar events.

- Added day link view for mini-calendar.
- Added validation for editing events.
- Added new "location" field for events.
- Added new feature to activate/deactivate users.
- Added new feature to control scheduling events into same time slot.
- Added new feature to export event to a vCalendar file.
- Added new user registration script.

- Added scope for Administrators adding events.
- Minical comes with detailed event popup ability.
- Updated overlib support to version 4.00

- Added overlib support.
- Added new mini-calendar.
- Added configuration support for use of mini-calendar in admin section.
- Added display of mini-calendar on login page.
- Added navigation links for popup month and year calendar.
- Added overlib support to display events in popup month and year calendar.
- Added support for category colors displayed in calendar month view.
- Added new Category Legend on calendar for quick access to category color code and listing.
- Added new type of repeating events to repeat over certain week of month.
- Added printing for month view calendar with adjustment for table width.
- Added printing for individual event details.
- Improved adding of events for faster loading and posting.
- Improved layout of small month and yearly calendar.
- Fix bug on calendar day view displaying even when set to be disabled.

- Improved management of repeated events as a group of events.
- Enable editing of events already added.
- Various bug fixes.

- Added new field 'fee' for allowing events to have a fee charge.
- Added new pages to support fee calculations, over range of dates and categories.
- Removed 'From' and 'To' fields when events have no time input.
- Fix bug in viewing categories to go up to 99 instead of just 9.

- First release of Calendarix Advanced.

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