New Calendarix Advanced 1.8.20081228
New Calendarix Advanced version 1.8.20081228 is available! This new version has new exciting features that includes RSS publishing of calendar events, integration of external RSS channels, support for international time zone and more...

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New Calendarix Basic version 0.8.20080808
A new Calendarix Basic version 0.8.20080808 is available that integrates RSS feeds from channels or Calendarix Advanced calendars into the month view.

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Basic Version Updates

New versions are created with new features and bug fixes.

Themes are supported from version 0.6.20050215 onwards, with "default" and "fire" theme included.  

Download Latest Calendarix:

    0.8.20080808 [262KB] (w/o FCKeditor)

To have advanced text editing:

Download the and unzip it to be below the Calendar directory. Open and modify $FCKEditorBasePath and $useFCKEditor to use it.

Version Changes

- Added Czech translation, courtesy of Jakub.
- Added auto-refresh feature to update calendar every minute.
- Added variable for changing character set to better display different languages.
- Enable timeout for RSS channels to load calendar.
- Fix vulnerability reported by Secunia on 'catsearch' and 'catview' parameter.
- Fix problem loading calendar when there are malformed RSS feeds.
- Fix bug on navigating to certain months when date is at end of the month.
- Fix week view display in IE not showing "Category" in next line.

Integrating FCKeditor

Note that use with FCKeditor requires modification of some FCKeditor files.

Replace only 3 files of FCKeditor with this set in order to integrate it with Calendarix.

In the file, also set the variable $FCKEditorBasePath to the correct FCKeditor path.

Previous Versions

- Added Romanian translation, courtesy of Florin Berechet.
- Added Basque translation, courtesy of Jon Uts Medialab.
- Added German translation of Admin menu, courtesy of Thomas Janotta.
- Added new style class td.txtbox to improve yearcal layout.
- Added input sanitization to fix several reported security vulnerabilities.
- Added ability to use translated menu in Admin Calendar.
- Added feature to send email notification when updating events.
- Added variable to specify default category when adding events.
- Added integration of RSS 2.0 feeds into calendar month view.
- Updated Danish translation, courtesy of Preben Wetke.
- Updated Admin Calendar menu to have German and Swedish translations.
- Updated overlib to version 4.21.
- Minical improvements.
- Several bug fixes including IE7 specific problems.

- Updated Dutch translation, courtesy of Jo(han) Ampe.
- Fix security vulnerability on Calendar losing data.

- Added Hungarian language translation, courtesy of Kopasz Norbert.
- Added Galician language translation, courtesy of Anton Meixome.
- Integrated optional FCKEditor 2.3.2 into editing description.
- Updated Swedish language translation, courtesy of Thomas Mårtensson, Bjorn Sandstrom
- Added control of maximum limit in title of event.
- Fix bug on using single quote in title of event.
- Fix security vulnerability on 'id' variable in cal_event.php and cal_popup.php.

- Added support for MySQL5.
- Added day of the week to listing view and event details.
- Added ability to edit events in user calendar.
- Added date selector in adding events.
- Added Catalan language translation, courtesy of Sergi Alonso.
- Updated Portuguese translation, courtesy of Luciano Antonio Costa.
- Updated Dutch translation, courtesy of Jo Ampe.
- Fix security issue on 'catview' allowing sql injection vulnerability.
- Fix bug on displaying incorrect timestamp for calendar events.

- Added listing of events from current day with new variable $viewevlistok.
- Added listing of events page as optional default calendar view.
- Added Traditional Chinese translation, courtesy of Nicholas Young.
- Removed 'From' and 'To' when there is no time input.
- Fix bug on categories not displaying correctly user events when user login for viewing user own events.
- Fix reported security vulnerabilities.
- Updated themes css files to handle table formatting.
- Updated French translation, courtesy of Frank Wagemans.
- Updated Dutch translation, courtesy of Nathan van Dael.
- Updated German translation, courtesy of Bernhard Burger.

- Added Indonesian language translation, courtesy of Firdaus Adinugroho.
- Added Greek language translation, courtesy of Nikos Kantarakis.
- Added Valencian language translation, courtesy of Vicent Llop.
- Added updated German translation, courtesy of Armin Ipfelkofer.
- Added support for calendar running on "https" protocol.
- Added CSS drop-down menus in administration.
- Color and font can now be configured under themes for calendar.
- Updated overlib to version 4.14.
- Bug fixes.

- Removed the need to set $calpath, auto-detect path is used.
- Allow multiple lines to spread in week and day view calendar.
- Calendar display using Cascading Style Sheets formatting.
- All formatting converted to xHTML.
- Able to support html entries in events.
- Many bug fixes.

- Added Chinese translation, courtesy of Hu Wey.
- Updated German translation, courtesy of Holger Wanke.
- Updated Finnish translation, courtesy of Ari Haapaniemi.
- Updated overlib to version 4.00.
- Enabled caching when adding events.
- Bug fixes.

- Added overlib support. Overlib provided by Erik Bosrup.
- Improved small calendar view with highlight of days with events.
- Improved year calendar view with highlights of days with events.
- Small calendar able to traverse forward and back in months.
- Year calendar able to traverse forward and back in years.
- Use overlib summary when events display exceed limit.
- Added Argentinian and Mexican versions for Spanish translation, courtesy of Jose Luis Valerio and Enrique Garcia Briones respectively.
- New mini calendar with summary events available for embedding in website.

- Bug fix for displaying error in adding event when set to 24hr format.
- Bug fix for not displaying correct category when viewing a category in Events menu.
- Bug fix on not being able to add repeated yearly event.
- Updated Spanish translation, courtesy of Enrique Garcia Briones.
- Updated Danish translation, courtesy of Jorn Hansen.
- Updated Italian translation, courtesy of Andrea Favini.

- Added login username display on calendar.
- Added checks for username creation to be alpha-numeric.
- Able to change password for current login user.
- Removed login session timeout.
- Modified login to use session variables. Thus, requires PHP version 4 and above.
- Updated German translation, courtesy of Holger Wanke.
- Updated Swedish translation, courtesy of Patrik Nilsson.
- Bug fixes.

- Added Finnish translation, courtesy of Ari Haapaniemi.
- Added Arabic translation, courtesy of Hani Draye.
- Added Russian translation, courtesy of Dr Victor Mosco.
- Added feature to search records between a certain date range and within categories.
- Added feature to browse records by batches in listing views.
- Added feature to view events of selected user in Administration calendar views.
- Corrected bug on error messages in add event when no time entry is enabled in adding event.

- Added Danish Translation, courtesy of Thomas Møller.
- Added Swedish Translation, courtesy of Christian Wavik.
- Added top and bottom html files available to enclose login screens nicely into website.
- Calendar in month view able to reflect start day of week accordingly.
- Added new variable to provide ability to show user of added event on calendar.
- Added new variable that allows for public viewing of calendar with login for users to add events to calendar.
- Added new variable to condensed events when it exceeds a certain number in month view.
- Added new variables for setting width of week view, day view, header and footer.
- Improved view through added formatting in stylesheet.
- Bug fixes on disabling of month, week and day view and viewing events filtered by categories.

- Added Norwegian translation courtesy of Thore Danielsen.
- Added Turkish translation courtesy of Hulusi Cerrahoğlu.
- Added Slovenian translation courtesy of Nejc Crešnar.
- Added new user description for user accounts.
- Added new variable to view events on calendar filtered by categories.
- Added new variable to allow users to delete their own events in user calendar.
- Bug fixes on search, adding of events and user administration for certain languages.

- Added Portuguese translation courtesy of Rodrigo Carvalho.
- Added new variable to enable viewing of events in either 12-hour or 24 hour format.
- Added new variable to set length of short description text in weekly and daily calendar view.
- Able to list events under a category by month and year.
- Bug fixes on year view pop-up.

- Added French translation courtesy of Michaud, Christophe.
- Added Spanish translation courtesy of Lupin_III Serrano Fernández.
- Added new popup calendar for the year with new icon and hyperlinks to specific month views.
- Added new variable to enable and disable time entry for adding events.
- Added new variables to set Add Event window width and height.
- Able to repeat events bi-weekly, monthly and yearly.
- Improved on content format for events emailed.
- Bug fixes on event pop-up, user login and translations.

- Added Dutch translation courtesy of Rob Gielen.
- Added German translation courtesy of Uli from Webdesign Münchhalfen.
- Added new configurable border around event display in calendar month view.
- Added user specific view of events under categories in administration.
- Added user specific administration for historical items.
- Added email notification setting in configuration file for events posted.
- Bug fixes on search and event posting.

- Added Italian translation, courtesy of Andrea Favini.
- Added repeat events for every particular weekday.
- Added new feature to copy events to another date from viewing one event.
- Added hyperlink back to user calendar in header menu in Administration.
- Corrected bug on being able to delete current login user in Administration.
- Added validation checks for creating of new users in Administration.
- Added changing of password and groups for users in Administration.
- Added new variable $userview to determine if calendar is user specific (not applicable to administrators).

- Strip slashes for category names in historical items display.
- Corrected display date in historical items page to take into account timezone.
- Corrected adjustment of timezone to rollover month and year and not just day.

- Added timezone hours offset for differences in client browser's time against host server time.
- Today's date shown on calendar and date and time entries of events now take into account time zone differences.
- Strip slashes for category names displayed.
- Removed checkbox for use of entering start time and end time. Detection of selection of start time hour and end time hour is used instead.
- Added waiting messages in updating and deleting categories and users.

- First Beta release.

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