New Calendarix Advanced 1.8.20081228
New Calendarix Advanced version 1.8.20081228 is available! This new version has new exciting features that includes RSS publishing of calendar events, integration of external RSS channels, support for international time zone and more...

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New Calendarix Basic version 0.8.20080808
A new Calendarix Basic version 0.8.20080808 is available that integrates RSS feeds from channels or Calendarix Advanced calendars into the month view.

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At a Glance

Calendarix allows for unlimited calendars for unlimited users with a central administration system. It also allows for public view of calendar without editing abilities unless user logs in and an approval system for adding of events.

Comparison between Basic and Advanced

When new features are added, they may sometimes be put into the Basic version first, until they are found to be stable before incorporating into the Advanced version. The Advanced version has a more professional interface in display and ease of use. 

Features Basic Advanced
By categories, day, month, year and coming events listing
Statistics provided on events
Time in 12-hour or 24-hour format
Listings sort by alphabet or date
Customizable fonts, colors and headings in style sheets.
Filter views by categories
Configurable start day of the week
Limit number of event titles shown in month view
Color coding in text and background for events under different categories
Unlimited levels of sub-categories
View calendar by category levels
Special days or anniversaries
Integrate login into another web page
Self-customisable display theme for each user calendar
Default category view for each user on login
Export calendar display theme
Alternate week views in three formats
RSS channels page
Add, delete and copy.
Having timed/non-timed events
Repeat events each day, day of week, month and year
Email notification on event being added
Approval of events by administrators
Support html formatting in event entries
Editing events
Repeat events in almost all possible combinations over a range of dates
Having "Location" field
Having "Fee" field and able to calculate total fees.
Having scheduled reminders
Having invitation/responses and notifications
Scope provides for users or public events viewing
Time slot reservation control and under differentiating categories
Repeated events treated as group for editing and deletion with multiple delete options
Validation for editing events
Taboo word censorship
Administration module for calendar
Managing historical events
Categories can be created, modified and deleted
Information on event entries by date, time and user
User accounts can be created, modified and deleted
User-specific view in administration of events
Quick approval of events through an approval page
Able to activate and deactivate users
Categories assignment to users
Specify session time out
Scope provides for 4 levels of event viewing by users
User account self-management 
User self-registration
RSS channels and publishing management
Management of all calendar settings and customizations through administration interface; no HTML, PHP or MySQL knowledge required!
Embed small mini-calendar into website
Link to day view
Popup detailed event viewing
More than one mini-calendar on same page
Each mini-calendar show only specific category events
Search through title and description over a range of dates, by categories and users
RSS channel integration into calendar
Support for International Time Zones.
Search through email, link and location
Print calendar or each event details
Exporting events to a vCalendar or iCal file. Events can be exported either individually or as list of future or historical events.
Calendar RSS publishing
Simultaneous multiple RSS channels integration into calendar

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