New Calendarix Advanced 1.8.20081228
New Calendarix Advanced version 1.8.20081228 is available! This new version has new exciting features that includes RSS publishing of calendar events, integration of external RSS channels, support for international time zone and more...

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New Calendarix Basic version 0.8.20080808
A new Calendarix Basic version 0.8.20080808 is available that integrates RSS feeds from channels or Calendarix Advanced calendars into the month view.

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About Calendarix

A powerful and comprehensive web-based calendar.

Calendarix is a powerful and easy to use web-based calendar that runs on PHP and MySQL.

It has been developed with ease of use and quick access to information in mind.  It provides the user with the quickest possible navigation and accessing the most commonly used functions in the shortest steps.

Colors and fonts can be easily customized through style sheets and displays saved as themes. 

A free version is available for download that would provide most basic calendar functions.

An advanced version is also available at a small price for those demanding more powerful features and greater interactivity with their calendars.

Key Features


  • Public/Private calendar access
  • Approvals
  • Mini-calendar
  • Customisable display through style sheets
  • Optional advanced text editing with FCKeditor

Advanced (includes Basic features)

  • Additional fields for location and fees
  • Special day markers (holidays/anniversaries)
  • Unlimited sub-categories
  • Scheduled Reminders
  • Notifications/Invitations/Responses
  • RSS feed
  • vCal/iCal exports
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Calendar in month view


Calendar events under a category


Viewing historical events

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